Family Recovery Life Coach Near Northampton and Market Harborough

The Journey - six, weekly, 90-minute, live and interactive online classes

Who are these classes for?

Anyone who is in relationship with or loves someone with a substance or behavioural addiction.

Being in relationship and loving someone struggling with addiction is one of the hardest things we get to do. It can feel like a bereavement. Death by a thousand paper cuts, as the person we know and love is taken over by the addiction.

In order to cope and survive this emotional roller-coaster, we can start to develop some pretty unhealthy coping mechanisms and strategies of our own. This can be very toxic for us and our loved one, and over time, we can get as sick as they do! Now is the time to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first so that we can start to heal and be in the best possible place to help and support our loved one.

We know how important it is for the addict to get support and help in order to recover. We do not expect them to be able to do it on their own and the same goes for us. We need support, skills, tools and education to help us heal from the impact of the addiction. It is not called a family disease for nothing.......

In 2017 I set up Family Recovery UK, as a direct result of experiencing the impact of living with addiction both as a mother and a wife. It was clear that the limited support available to families in the UK was not enough. I have worked in this field for over 8 years and am a certified Family Recovery Life Coach.

I have incorporated into these classes everything that has helped me over the years. I have taken everything I have experienced and learnt and the very best elements of my training and put it all into an easily accessible online programme. Each class is specifically designed to give you everything you need to start to reclaim your life and start contributing to a positive outcome for your loved one, all in a safe, non-judgemental space.

If you are feeling any or all of the following, then I believe these classes will be of huge benefit to you.

Exhausted, stressed, angry, fearful, frustrated, powerless and hopeless.
Nothing you do seems to work
Your health is suffering
You are feeling alone and isolated.
It feels like your whole families life has been hijacked by addiction.

What we will cover in the classes
Understand the underlying causes of addiction and it's impact on the whole family
Why we need to work on ourselves first
overcoming fear
How to become part of the solution
What coping behaviours are contributing to the addiction
How to communicate in a loving, non-confrontational way
Set and stick to healthy boundaries
How we can role model our own recovery
Why trying to control/fix them does not work
The practice of gratitude
Breathing techniques
Self- care (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)
How to move from victim to creator
Understanding the stages of change
Life after treatment

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